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Review of Huami Xiaomi Magic (Smart) Mirror

Review of Huami Xiaomi Magic (Smart) Mirror CES 2020

Mehwish Shoro Review

What does the “smart mirror” look like from the creators of Xiaomi Mi Band.

The device combines a huge display and a jogging machine (walking machine).

Huami,the Xiaomi Mi Band smart wristband manufacturer introduced the Amazfit HomeStudio, which offers streaming AI sports. The simulator was developed in collaboration with the Startup Studio.

Features of Huami Xiaomi Magic (Smart) Mirror.

The device includes a 43-inch “smart mirror”, speakers from JBL and a treadmill. Also here is a 3D camera that monitors the user's movements during classes.
By default, a library of thousands of lessons, including a wide range of exercises, is available in HomeStudio.

How to use Huami Xiaomi Magic (Smart) Mirror.

To access them, you need to activate the mirror, which simultaneously works as a display. Not all activities require a jogging machine.

What is the price of Huami  Xiaomi Magic (Smart) Mirror?

The price of an advanced simulator and its release date has not yet been announced. By the way, this is not the first device of its kind. A few years ago, Mirror's “smart mirror” was introduced with a mirror display and sports lessons for $ 1,500. Peloton at the same time created a jogging machine with a screen for $ 4000. Huami noted that the cost of Amazfit HomeStudio will satisfy buyers.

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