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How to share Restaurant or Hotel Wi-Fi password via QR code

How to share Restaurant or Hotel Wi-Fi password via QR code

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If you are the manager of any restaurant or hotel where you give free wifi to your guest and also you want to secure for unauthorized use of your wifi data because while giving free access to your WIFI can be overload and your data be terminated, so today The Rite Tutorials gives you a method to generate a QR code for your guests, with which you can connect to your restaurant Wi-Fi network.

Surely, everyone faced situations when guests need to provide a password from a restaurant Wi-Fi network. Agree, this is inconvenient. The password can be complex and long, you can completely forget it. Yes, and just repeating the same thing every time to your guests. Fortunately, in this situation, QR codes come to the rescue. Through them, you can not only transmit links but also connect to the network. 

You can independently generate such a code, print it and hang it in a conspicuous place or save it on your smartphone. If necessary, any of your guests will be able to quickly connect to the network simply by scanning the QR code. 

Also, it is useful if you do not want to give someone your password, as well as for public places.

How to generate a QR code

You can generate the code through a special online service. There are quite a lot of them, for example, you can use

In the SSID field, enter the name of your network. In our case, this is Nabeel Shoro. Next, specify the type of encryption in the Encryption field. Most likely, it will be WPA / WPA2. And finally, enter the password in the Key field.

If you do not remember your password, then you can easily find it out or, in extreme cases, reset it and set a new one. 

If your network name is hidden, check the Hidden checkbox. Now it remains only to click on Generate and save or print the resulting QR code.

Have a nice browsing. 

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