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How coronavirus has changed the world of technology
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How coronavirus has changed the world of technology

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The number of people infected with the new virus and also it grows daily. Due to coronavirus, many neighboring states block the borders with China. Naturally, this also negatively affected the world of technology.

Smartphone shipments delayed 

The majority of smartphone factories are located in China. They collect not only devices of local vendors (Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, ZTE, Vivo, Realme), but also devices of other top international corporations. Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, part of the factories extended the New Year holidays until at least February 10, so Chinese manufacturers had to delay the delivery of equipment to many countries. According to a review, the American company Apple also got on this list.
At the same time, the analytical company Strategy Analytics considers the current situation more serious: coronavirus can “drop” the production of smartphones in the first quarter of 2020 by about 30% compared to the same period last year. Experts are sure that not all manufacturers will have enough stock to compensate for delays. Also, supply problems will negatively affect logistics and labor shortages.

How can delaying supplies threaten the united states? 

For example, the lack of goods in stores on the eve of February 23 and March 8. A shortage of consumer electronics could also lead to higher prices for products from China.

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Hackers can panic more

The hacker panic due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus untied the hands of scammers who came up with another way to cash in on their victims. Hackers began sending spam to the people. In the letters they write that a coronavirus has entered the country, so urgently need to get acquainted with important information. "Memo" is attached in the attachment - you need to download the document and open it on the computer.
Naturally, there are no tips inside. But after launching the file, Emotet malware is downloaded to the victim’s device: it allows attackers to steal confidential information or install malware on a PC.
Experts from IBM X-Force believe that such an attack can be a significant success because potential victims are now scared due to an outbreak of coronavirus. Analysts suggest that scammers will begin to spread spam in other languages.

Orders with AliExpress take longer than usual

At the largest Chinese marketplace, the coronavirus could not but cause problems. Firstly, buyers from outside of China faced a delay in goods. Some sellers began sending messages to customers asking them to cancel the order.
“Due to the spread of the coronavirus, many workers cannot return to work on schedule. So we can’t get the goods from suppliers on time, ” the people who placed orders at the end of January received such messages.
Secondly, many potential buyers are afraid that parcels with AliExpress may risk of coronavirus infection. But such fears are not true - this was told by representatives of the World Health Organization (WHO).
“According to recent analyses, we know that coronaviruses do not live long on objects such as letters or parcels,” the experts noted.

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Website crashed due to the increasing visit of visitors

Because of the coronavirus, the Chinese and also all over the world began massively buying medical masks, so this product became on-demand. As a result, the websites and the online store under load.

Gamers Against Coronavirus

Unexpectedly, a terrible disease enriched the developers of Plague Inc., which was released back in 2012. On January 24, the developers reported that the game’s website temporarily fell due to an influx of visitors. The authors of the project noted that this is not the first time they have observed a correlation between the spread of real viruses and the number of new gamers.
"Plague Inc. it’s been eight years already, and every time there are outbreaks of diseases, we see the growth of players, as people tend to learn more about the spread of diseases and understand the complexity of viral outbreaks, ”the creators of the game said.

Upcoming MWC (Mobile World Congress) on fire

The annual consumer electronics exhibition Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, ​​tens of thousands of people gather annually, including many Chinese citizens. Due to the potential threat of the spread of the coronavirus, some companies decided to cancel their visit to Spain - for example, LG and ZTE have already refused presentations, a bit later Amazon, NVIDIA and Sony joined them. Brand representatives said they were worried about the health of their employees. Other technology giants may likely do likewise.
MWC organizers meanwhile promise to take additional measures to protect visitors and exhibitors. In particular, they intend to increase the level of cleaning and disinfection of the most visited conference venues. We are talking about stands, toilets and other potentially dangerous locations.
Also, personal disinfectants will be issued to visitors to MWC, and several additional points of medical care will appear on the territory.