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Coronavirus “predicted” in the 20th century

Coronavirus “predicted” in the 20th century (With Proof)

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Coronavirus has become one of the main topics of the last month. According to recent reports, the virus has infected more than 70 thousand people. 1775 deaths are known.

“They call this thing Wuhan 400 because it was created in their laboratory in the vicinity of Wuhan, and it was their four hundredth viable strain of a human-made microorganism,” the passage says. Only then he was called a biological weapon.

Doctors have not yet managed to develop an effective vaccine against a new disease, and until its spread has stopped, the Internet audience is discussing the possible causes of the outbreak. An interesting theory appeared on the eve.

Journalist Amir Tsarfati posted on Twitter a picture of one of the pages of Dean Kunz’s book, “Eyes of Darkness,” which describes the “most important and dangerous” Wuhan-400 biological weapon created by Chinese scientists. The epicenter of the spread of SARS-CoV-2 was just the Chinese city of Wuhan. The book was written in 1981.


However, this is just an interesting coincidence. In the comments under Tsarfati's post, one user cited an excerpt from an earlier version of Kunz’s book, in which Wuhan-400 was called Gorki-400 and the USSR was his homeland.