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How WhatsApp Dark Theme is usefull for your helath?
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A dark theme will take care of your health and also smartphones.

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However, the news does not end with the appearance of a dark theme of WhatsApp. In the latest WhatsApp beta, a useful item has appeared in the settings for the dark theme, which allows you to choose between a light and dark theme depending on the status of the energy-saving mode.

How WhatsApp Dark Theme is usefull for your helath?

Experts tested the effect of color radiation on the body using experiments on mice. It turned out that the yellow spectrum, which is set to display smartphones in night mode, can adversely affect health. Scientists have noticed that bright warm colors mislead the biological clock, as it is strongly associated with daylight hours.
The study says that muted blue is more familiar to the body in the dark than weak yellow. “Mice do not have telephones, however, we have good reason to believe that this rule is also suitable for humans,” said Dr. Tim Brown, one of the authors of the scientific work.

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Scientists noted that the night mode on smartphones, the essence of which is to block the blue glow and increase yellow, can harm rather than help human health. Researchers advised not to take the advice of smartphone manufacturers as the last truth and use Night Shift and Dark Mode in iOS and Android systems with caution.

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