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5 Ways to Increase YouTube Engagement

Mehwish Shoro YouTube SEO

Nothing can upset the creator of YouTube videos more than low reach and poor user engagement. Is that a bunch of dislikes, but this is not about that. Just creating an amazing video is not enough, you need to attract people to watch it. All this requires additional effort, time and experience. We've put together some simple ways to help increase engagement in a short time and with minimal effort.

1. Add tooltips to the video

Strange, but many newcomers to YouTube often ignore the addition of tips in their videos. This is a way to quickly get a result and increase your reach. With their help, you can direct the user to your other videos, channels on YouTube or external resources.

Tooltips Types

  • Video or playlist.
  • Another YouTube channel.
  • Poll.
  • Link to an approved site.

You can add a hint simply by pasting it into a video already uploaded to YouTube in the editing section. Remember that to add tips, you must join the YouTube affiliate program and add approved external sites.

2. Make a custom preview for the video

According to a QuickSprout study, a thumbnail preview on YouTube increases engagement by 154%. Typically, people click on a video if they find the preview relevant or intriguing. YouTube Creator Academy claims that 90% of the most popular videos have engaging quality previews.

You can add a custom preview for your video after your YouTube account is verified. Just make sure of this before creating clickable thumbnails for the video. It does not take a lot of time. Checking your account is a fairly easy process that can be completed in a few minutes.

3. Spend time promoting your video

The best way to increase YouTube engagement is to get as much attention as possible. More eyes = more views.

Here are some ways you can promote your channel:

  • Paste YouTube videos into your blog or website. Readers will be able to go to your channel for additional content.
  • Create Pinterest cards with your YouTube videos and link them together. So you get additional traffic from Pinterest.
  • Share your video preview with followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also create stories and share them on social networks.
  • Collaborate with influencers to promote your videos on YouTube. They can add your videos to their sites and pages on social networks.
  • Promote your post on the forums relevant to your video. Just please try not to spam. This may lead to the suspension of your account.

4. Ask viewers about it

Yes, that’s how simple it is. As a creator of unique YouTube content, you can influence your audience. So why not do it? No matter what you want, more subscriptions, likes or comments, it’s important to say so directly.

When creating a video, take care of increasing engagement:

  • Ask questions. In the video itself or in the description. So that viewers can give an answer in the comments to the video.
  • Create a survey. Add a hint to the video asking questions about the interests of users, their location, etc. This will help to better know your target audience.
  • Ask to share the video. Remind viewers to send the video to friends if they liked it. It may be commonplace, but necessary if you want popularity on YouTube.

5. Use tags and keywords

It's not just about the title of the video and description. When you upload a video to YouTube, be sure to add the appropriate tags in the appropriate section. Tags serve as metadata for your video and help users find your content in the search, increasing the chances of getting recommended.

An example of how the “cloud" of tags looks like:

Some tips for tagging videos:

  • Use the options suggested by YouTube to add popular tags on your topic.
  • Use Google Keyword to find trending tags. Since Google displays relevant videos higher in the search list, it’s important that they match relevant SEO queries.
  • Use the channel name in the tags so that your other videos are automatically offered for viewing at the end of each video.

In the end

All of the above tips are a good way to increase the engagement rate of your YouTube channel. Use them, focus on quality content, specifics and don’t make videos too long. 

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