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5 Apps to study and learn English free in 2020

Check out 5 free Android and iPhone apps that can help you learn English.

Learning a new language may be easier than you think and you can escape the traditional idea of ​​being in a classroom. Just have a cellphone in your hand.

Far beyond “the book is on the table”, The Rite Tutorials has selected 5 free Android and iPhone apps that help both those with a basic level and the most experienced to learn and continue to practice English language daily.

That way you can learn English - and other languages too ​​- from your home couch by studying about fifteen minutes a day.

Check out the below apps for study online English:


Free (with in-app purchases), for Android and iPhone.

One of the most popular apps on the topic, Duolingo is especially for users looking for fun and practical ways to study English languages.

The application provides several phases with exercises of writing, reading, listening and speaking very visually from basic to fluent levels.

As you progress through the exercises, new goals are unlocked and the user gets achievements that help them pass the level.

In addition to English, exercises in French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian and more are available. In the app you can learn up to two languages ​​simultaneously.


Free (with in-app purchases), for Android and iPhone.

Another recommended app is Wlingua, which has hundreds of free lessons to facilitate English language learning and practice.

The app has the free version and the premium version, which guarantees access to all content and classes available in the app.


Free (with in-app purchases), for Android and iPhone.

A little different from the applications mentioned above, HelloTalk allows the user to choose which language they want to learn and talk directly to native speakers.

HelloTalk contains tools that assist in conversation in another language, with timed language switching mode, so that a conversation with a native is a two-way experience.

For example, if the user wants to learn English and is talking to someone who wants to learn Portuguese, the app divides the conversation time so that both languages ​​are practiced.

Also, the platform allows the user to add interests to find people with similar intrest.


Free for Android and iPhone.

In Cambly's case, those available for conversation are native English-speaking teachers from countries such as the United States, Canada, England, and Australia.

With simultaneous machine translations, users can book a time with certain teachers to learn English.

Like the other platforms, you can choose which class you want to practice, among conversation, pronunciation and others.

EWA English

Free for Android and iPhone.

With different topics - such as Business English - EWA English is a digital course that enables users to learn English interactively. With each achievement, the student level up and expand their knowledge.

Through the use of audiobooks and conversations with television characters, the user has direct contact with the spoken language to aid progress, as well as text cards to assist in learning grammar.