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How it was the iPhone on January 9, 2007

13 years to the first iPhone - How it was the iPhone on January 9, 2007?

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The first iPhone lounching presentation was held on date January 9, 2007, which received a simple name - iPhone. The Rite Tutorials decided to remember how Steve Jobs showed first iPhone it to the world.

The first iPhone turned out to be a big influence on the smartphone industry. After 2007, other manufacturers of smartphones began to massively switch to capacitive screens with multi-touch, although multi-touch technology appeared much earlier.

The iPhone has become a landmark product not only for the entire market but also for Apple - from 2007 to 2019, smartphones occupied more than half of all profits of Apple company. This is the main product around which the entire ecosystem of the company is built - a watch, headphones, a tablet is bought for it, and Mac computers work better in conjunction with an iPhone.

How it was the iPhone on January 9, 2007?

The presentation of the iPhone was held at the annual MacWorld conference, at which Apple showed its latest products. In 2007, the event took place on January 9, exactly 13 years ago.

Steve Jobs began his presentation with a story about the achievements of the company - then she was able to sell 2 billion songs a year through iTunes. The year before the event, Apple switched from PowerPC architecture on Mac computers to Intel processors. Therefore, Intel CEO Paul Hotels was sitting on VIP seats in the room.

After that, Jobs told how Apple for several decades in a row showed innovative devices and is not going to stop. He smoothly led to the fact that the company was able to combine the functions of the phone, player and Internet communicator in one device - and that's why the first iPhone appeared.

The smartphone received a 3.5-inch display with multi-touch and a pixel density of 166 ppi, one 2 megapixel camera, proximity, and lighting sensors, as well as the OS X operating system. The iPhone appeared on sale only in the summer - $ 499 for the 4 GB version.

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